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Circle detection [2]
Hi STeven, I'm trying to detect a circular object in the attached video (middle right side), but t...
12 years 2 1465
Roborealm crashes [2]
We purchased the new license and downloaded the latest RR Each time I open the RoboRealm.exe and click on Options butt...
13 years 3 1524
Separating touching blobs [5]
Hi STeven, When do you anticipate a release of the new module for separating blobs. It would be goo...
13 years 7 3350
Separating touching blobs [4]
STeven, Here are 7 more images for you to test the module with. Hope it helps. There are a couple t...
13 years 7 3350
Separating touching blobs [2]
Hi, I am analysing individual blobs using geometry_statistics and Sample_line modules. I have a ca...
13 years 7 3350
Separating touching blobs [7]
I downloaded the new version but upon double clicking on Blob split module, an error message comes up saying that it is an unkno...
13 years 7 3350
API error message [4]
The RoboRealm location is the same, rr1.open("C:\\\\Program Files\\\\RoboRealm\\\\RoboRealm.exe"...
13 years 4 1823
API error message [2]
I've downloaded a new RR version and ran the API example, but I get an error message. The image is attached below.
13 years 4 1823
Color in the lines [3]
I am trying to use GetImage() API function in C++ to extract RBG values at specific coordinates. The coordinates i can get using...
13 years 3 2827
Color in the lines [2]
Attached is the image of three lines. Each line has a slightly varying color. Is it possible for me to get some color informatio...
13 years 3 2827
RR speed [2]
Is there a way of making RR run faster? The same functions in OpenCV are faster. Can the preview op...
13 years 2 1510
Camera - Allied Vision Tech [4]
Yes, I have tested their Firewire module (Guppy - Bayer colour unit). RR just does not list the camera in the dropdown menu. The...
13 years 3 1670
Camera - Allied Vision Tech [2]
I would like to use Guppy, an Allied Vision Technologies camera. It is firewire connected and it do...
13 years 3 1670
Mouse module [5]
I have tried it. It almost does what I was after. I would like to use it as an odometer, detecting ...
13 years 5 3025
Mouse module [4]
Thanks STeven, It sounds like what I need. I'll try it out. Nemanya...
13 years 5 3025
Mouse module [2]
I would like to use the mouse to track the motion of the surface below it. The idea is to continualy acquire the mouse position....
13 years 5 3025
Laser line segmentation [2]
Hi STeven, Nice job with the laser line module. I was wondering if there is a way to use that data?...
13 years 2 3692
Distributor client, transmitting variables [18]
Hi Steven, My client program uses the MOUSE_CLICK_X and MOUSE_CLICK_Y variables to calculate and se...
13 years 21 2182
Distributor client, transmitting variables [6]
Hi Steven, Have you had a chance to look at the rr files I sent you? I am not sure, but the problem...
13 years 21 2182
Distributor client, transmitting variables [17]
Thanks a lot Steven. The third point was the crucial one. Have a great new years.
13 years 21 2182

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