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I would like to use the mouse to track the motion of the surface below it. The idea is to continualy acquire the mouse position.

When the mouse reaches the end of the screen it stops incrementing the position. This recquires me to set the mouse position back to the centre of the screen so it can continue incrementing.

Can you edit the module so that i can read the mouse values and write into them too, without having to wait the 3 seconds for it to stabilise.

I'm doing it for a uni project and would like to know if you have time to look into it soon or should i look into other methods.

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Yes, the current version has a checkbox in the mouse module that will allow you to disable that delay. Will this help you?

Note that Alt-R key which will toggle the Run button ... useful when you don't have control over the mouse. :-)

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Thanks STeven,
It sounds like what I need. I'll try it out.

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I have tried it. It almost does what I was after.

I would like to use it as an odometer, detecting a moving surface below it and giving me the displacement dX and dY. The new mouse position does not set  until the mouse stops moving in the X and Y directions.

I would like to "instantly" set the mouse position to the centre (e.g. 500, 300) of the screen. After a it loops through the pipeline, read off the mouse position, set the mouse position to the centre again, and loop again...

Have I explained it alright? Let me know if you can look into this. I appreciate your dedication to everyones requests.

Anonymous 15 year

In theory that is what it should do ... there was an error that was fixed in the module that perhaps caused the issue. Can you double check and see if it still behaves in the same way?

As soon as the mouse variables get a new value that is not the current value the mouse should instantly move to that location. Ensure that the variables are changing correctly in the mouse module by using the Watch_Variables module to see if they change correctly.


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