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Sabertooth Mixed Mode [2]
Can the Sabertooth module be used to control two motors in mixed mode?...
11 years 8 4523
Remote Phidgets [2]
Is it possible to access a remote Phidgets servo controller via the Phidgets web service when using RR on the local PC?...
11 years 4 2192
Remote Phidgets [4]
Hi STeven, Thanks for the quick response.  Perhaps I didn't ask my question correctly.&n...
11 years 4 2192
Is Roborealm suited for my lawnbot ?? [3]
Hi Fedrik, I can answer some of your questions because I am also in the process of creating a lawnb...
11 years 3 1767
Sabertooth Mixed Mode [4]
No, I haven't tried it yet.  Just got the cable for serial control.  It just seemed that the motors were co...
11 years 8 4523
Sabertooth Mixed Mode [8]
With the TTL serial cable, the instructions say to connect only to channel S1.  Then you use the serial commands to co...
11 years 8 4523

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