Is Roborealm suited for my lawnbot ??
Fredrik from Sweden  [1 posts]
11 years
I just would like to know if roborealm is suited for my kind of project.

A year ago I tested to see if the trial software was able to detect a red box on my lawn and then also to see if the COG moved when moving the box a few centimeters. It sure did.

Now a year later the chassi and drive motors of the robot is in place and it is time to take the next steps and the question is really if roborealm would suit my needs?
The robot is controlled from a PC which I put on top of the chasssi. Commands are sent via my own visual C# SW to the motors via simple RS232. Now I would like to connect my PC with a camera , wireless  ofcourse,  so the robot could know its location. Somekind of wireless camera of course seeing the lawn with the robot from a higher position.
How would I best use roborealm to get a location? Can and should I run roborealm SW from within my C# SW ? How do I best make the connection from a IP-Camera->PC->my visual C# ?? If it can work I would gladly buy the SW for this hobby project.


William from United States  [6 posts] 11 years
Hi Fedrik,

I can answer some of your questions because I am also in the process of creating a lawnbot driven by Roborealm.  In my opinion it is very suitable for this task.  

I don't know about your motor controller program, but I am using the Dimension Engineering Sabertooth module, which also communicates using RS232.  For positioning, any webcam (doesn't have to be wireless) connected to your PC can use RR to process the video to track objects and move the lawnbot.   The AVM module can do path planning and obstacle avoidance.  There is also a GPS module to position the lawnbot with lat/long waypoints.

Good luck,
Anonymous 11 years

From the overhead camera you'd have to decide how you would identify the location of your robot. A fiducial is useful in that regard (see fiducial module) but color may also be a possibility. Have a look at the path planning tutorial to get some ideas as it tracks a robot from an overhead camera.


With regards to integration, you should be able to interface your C# app with RR via the API. There is an example file that contains multiple languages including C# on how to perform this integration. It should easily slip into your current C# app and allow you to continue with that development along with RR capabilities.

As far as to your question as to if we think RR would work for your project ... well, I think so ... but there again I'm a bit biased! :-)


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