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William from United States  [6 posts]
11 years
Is it possible to access a remote Phidgets servo controller via the Phidgets web service when using RR on the local PC?
Anonymous 11 years
From their manual:

"However, when a program connects remotely you will no longer be able to open the device locally."

So that's a no.

You can, however, use the RR webserver to send variables to RR remotely to control the Phidgets servo controller.



"Internet Control" on how to set that up.

William from United States  [6 posts] 11 years
Hi STeven,

Thanks for the quick response.  Perhaps I didn't ask my question correctly.  I want to run RR on my local PC and control the phidgets servos on the remote PC (ie my robot).  The robot will not be running RR, just the phidgets controller.  I am able to do this now with a VB program - connect and send commands to the robot via the phidgets web service.

I thought that it would work like the distributor client-server - the phidgets plug-in would allow the entry of the url address and port for the remote phidgets.  

I'll have a look at the Roomba tutorial.  Thanks.
Ariel Sandez from Argentina  [3 posts] 11 years
Hi William,
                  To read remote phidgets I created the following simple rest service:

Singleton   - Phidget Encoder (java): Connect directly to the encoder.

Httpserver – Waits for GET request from RR, using the singleton read the
                   encoder position,

  Compose the response as following:

RR HTTP Module – Request every second the encoder’s value.

Ariel Sandez



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