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Thank you for this brilliant tool [2]
I have been working on a PC based robot since I saw the OAP project on the web. Mine uses XP and Java though, although the princ...
10 years 1 1396
Need some help in orientation [3]
Why do you need the orientation? (assuming you mean the direction of the robot.). If the object you are chasing is in the field ...
10 years 2 771
Visual Anchor module vs. encoder? [3]
I would think that for rotation visual anchor would be fairly precise (actually better than wheel encoders), but there is no way...
10 years 3 1179
No Title [4]
It always helps if you could show a picture to know what we are working with here. Assuming the picture of one side of the cube ...
10 years 3 1347
Recognize Auto-Signs [5]
Well, the circle detection only works on edge data so you need to run it through the Edges -> Canny filter before the Circle ...
10 years 5 969
Recognize Auto-Signs [3]
It would help if you could post some sample pictures to see what we are working with here. The immediate thought is that you wou...
10 years 5 969
Distance Variable [3]
You have to be more specific to describe what data you are using and which modules you are using. There is no "magic" distance...
10 years 5 1476
RoboRealm crashing [3]
Yes I also have the same problem on Windows XP. It always crashes when I run flood fill....
10 years 6 1116
How to detect distance to say a blob or to an edge [5]
RoboRealm does not have any stereo matching algorithm yet, but if you are able to separate the blob you are tracking from the re...
10 years 7 2115
How to detect distance to say a blob or to an edge [3]
Do you mean the distance from the camera on the robot to the blob detected? The only way you can do that with a monoscopic camer...
10 years 7 2115
No Title [4]
Thanks for the tip on Tesseract. I just tried it out and it works great even on handwritten text. I will add the ability for my ...
10 years 7 2032
Progress on Facial Recognition Module [8]
Have you thought about looking into OpenCV and integrate the face recognizer based on haar features they have there? I think its...
10 years 8 3772
Progress on Facial Recognition Module [3]
And as a side-question. If you got a face rectangle, how hard do you think it would be to distinguish between 3-4 different face...
10 years 8 3772
Point Cloud Analysis [8]
Thats very nice point data you have there from a home made laser project. Might I ask how much time it uses to "scan" a scene?...
10 years 9 2428
Vision for navigation [4]
I have found a couple of good reference points for localisation, and those are windows, doorways and pictures on the wall.
10 years 14 1916
Vision for navigation [3]
I've played around a bit with flood fill, blob separate and blob filter and I think this could be used for general scene inform...
10 years 14 1916
Vision for navigation [14]
Just a quick question. I have realised that a blob's smoothness or roughness can be of great interest when distinguishing blobs...
10 years 14 1916
Vision for navigation [2]
I dont know if this is the right forum to ask these questions, but I have been thinking long and hard how I can make my robot au...
10 years 14 1916
Vision for navigation [13]
Hi Steven and thanks for answering! Yes the Geometry Statistics and Color Statistics were just what...
10 years 14 1916
Vision for navigation [11]
Hi again. I have not yet made any videos, but I can assure you that some are coming as soon as I get it up and running again (pr...
10 years 14 1916

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