Write Variables

This module provides an interface to write RoboRealm variables to disk. The interface allows the selection of the variables that will be saved. Note that the order specified in the interface will be the order saved on disk.

This is the simplest way to export variables from RoboRealm. For more advanced, efficient and interactive methods see the Plugins documentation.



1. Available Variables - Select the variables that you want to save. The left list shows all the current RoboRealm variables available to save given the current processing pipeline. Use the arrows (or doubleclick on a variable) to move it to the 'save variables' list. Use the up/down arrows to reorder that list.

2. Clipboard - If you want to write the values to the Windows Clipboard select this radio button. Note that you can test this by pasting into a text editor to see the values RoboRealm is placing into the Clipboard. Be aware, this overwrites any existing text in the clipboard. Variables are written as name value pairs with each on its own line. Thus you can use a newline (vbLF or \n) to break the text string into individual parts.

3. Filename - Specify which filename you would like the variable values to be saved to. Be sure to have created any needed directories/folders along the filename specification otherwise the module will NOT be able to update the file.

4. File Type - If you chose a text file select if you'd like the variable values to be appended to the end of the file. If chose append you should be ready for the file to become really large really quickly!

5. Text File Options - Specify the appropriate row, colom and text delimiters. The text delimiter are used when a variable containing a text value (non-numerical) is saved. You can also type in characters to use as delimiters. Using the default delimiters will allow you to load the file directly into Excel or other spreadsheet programs.

You can chose to append data to a single file (but erase the file between runs) or just overwrite the entire file out each time the frame is processed.

Note that when reading the saved file you will need to check for the end of row delimiter (text file) or the </ROBOREALM> tag (xml file) to ensure that you have read a complete file. Due to the speed of the writing (once per frame) you are not assured that reads are atomic. RoboRealm is configured to write data in one write to help reduce this issue.

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