writing order of X,Y coordnates in excel
Robert from United States  [1 posts]
9 year
I am conducting research with RR, and it works great. However when RR writes variables from my tracked blob after a collision or blob ID switch, RR places the new Blob ID at the left hand side of the spreadsheet instead of adding it to the right hand side, thus indexing everything once or twice or more depending on the number of incidents, while leaving older data not indexed.

The data is clean otherwise, but if there is any other anomaly it becomes very time consuming with large data sets to undo indexing, pick out the anomaly and reconstruct my data set.
any help on how to fix this would be much appreciated
Steven Gentner from United States  [1444 posts] 9 year

I think we understand the issue ... can you include a snippet of your robofile where you do the save. We just want to be sure we correct your exact issue and not something we think is what the problem is.


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