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11 years
Hi all,

I have a .robo file which reads input.bmp, detects shapes and then generates the SHAPES variable and writes it in a file called 'output.txt'.

I have made an own c++ program which reads the file and does calculations with the data.

Now what I'm trying to achief to let my program do:
-execute a .robo: with modules that do the things described above;
-detect if output.txt is generated (to check if roborealm is done);
-Terminate roborealm.exe
-read data from output.txt

These steps are in a loop and need to be. Now the problem is because I terminate roborealm.exe the output.txt stays occupied by RR.

My question:
Is there a way to let RR terminate itself after running some modules in a pipeline? Like a module? Or using a CScript extension?

Thanks in advance,

Anonymous 11 years

What module are you using to generate the output.txt file? Ideally this file should NOT be locked by RR so you don't need to restart it each time. While it is possible to add a terminate module to RR resource-wise it is better to keep it open ... so if we can solve the file lockout that would probably solve your restart issue?

Can you include a sample robofile that you are seeing this issue on?

Anonymous  [10 posts] 11 years
Hi Steven,

I found a error in my own software causing the file to be locked. So the problem has been solved.

Thank you for your response!

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