Rounding Problem
Franklin  [23 posts]
13 years

There seems to be rounding issues when trying to write or read variables.  The included image and robo file have a Line_Probe example.  In Watch_Variables you can see the values: 0.0000, 104.1858, 639.0000, and 97.6261.  If the write the variables out or try to read them via the API you get: 0.00, 104.19, 639.00, and 97.63.  It also happens the angles etc.    I noticed that the time variable has 6 decimal places when saved.   Maybe it is not the best example but it made my math fail when I tried to read the variables back and recreate the lines in Imagej (converting pixel distance to physical distance).    Is there any way to set the number of decimal places (5 or 6 should work – if possible) when you save a variable or read it with an API call?  

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Anonymous 13 years

This has been increased to 5 decimal places for both the API calls and the Write Variables ... and most likely any other routines that transmitted floating/decimal numbers.

See 2.6.3 for this change.

Franklin  [23 posts] 13 years


- It works just as you explained.

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