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Reduce amount of Write Image [2]
Hi Steven, I have attached my Robo file, I would like save every 10th picture written to file.
11 year 3 2577
Multi email accounts [4]
Hi Steven, That sounds perfect, the boats do not change so owners are associated with each mooring....
10 year 4 2533
Blobs [3]
Hi Steven. It is a static cropped area. I can post the RR file here but less the cam link as it is u...
9 year 4 2545
Switch on/off Serial Module
Hi, I have an very occasional problem that stops my Pic (crash). The cause is unknown but if I can ...
11 year 4 2027
Multi email accounts [2]
Just to add, my train of thought was to use multiple Email Modules if If statements, would that be the best optio...
10 year 4 2533
Hi Steven, I have a outdoor camera that pans quite a large area and looks for boats at anchor after...
9 year 4 2545
Multi email accounts
Is it possible to have multiple individual  email accounts where any one may be singularly and automatically &nbs...
10 year 4 2533
Using Multiple USB Web Cam in Win XP [3]
Hi, I have used a program called Image Salsa with XP and have used two USB cams with no problem as it allocates an...
11 year 4 3439
Switch on/off Serial Module [3]
Thanks Steven, I tried what you suggested but used my "COMMAND" as the response as I already use it to control t...
11 year 4 2027
Blobs [4]
Hi Steven, I think using "COG area" will achieve my goal, so many paths that I forgot this variable...
9 year 4 2545
Display Serial Data [5]
Hi Steven, Works perfectly, thanks once again for you quick response, much appreciated.
9 year 5 3637
Display Serial Data [3]
Hi Steven, Here is the test .Robo file I am using. The sent data from my pic is sent approx twice pe...
9 year 5 3637
Display Serial Data
Hi, I have serial data displayed but it flashes on and off at the at the serial data refresh rate. I...
9 year 5 3637
Handshake on serial data [4]
Thank Steven Here is the basic I used to test the web page, RR server and response of the PIC drivi...
11 year 6 2537
Handshake on serial data [2]
Hi, I am using the RR server and passing key button action using the default "move" variable to m...
11 year 6 2537
Display data from Pic [7]
Steven thanks for the info, As most of my computation takes place on the Pic which basiacally does the following after being sup...
12 year 6 3288
Display data from Pic [5]
For got to mention that the tracking would be servo tracking trying to keep the sailing boat in mid screen
12 year 6 3288
Display data from Pic [4]
Steven thanks again for your response, Before I go down that path could you enlighten me if the fol...
12 year 6 3288
Handshake on serial data [6]
Thanks again Steven, all sorted after a bit of juggling with the RR you sent. Just another point, <...
11 year 6 2537
Display data from Pic [2]
Is it possible to display the data from the Pic. I can see the PIC data I have got it to send in t...
12 year 6 3288

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