Using Multiple USB Web Cam in Win XP
from United States  [60 posts]
11 year
I tried to run multiple USB web cam under XP SP3. The first camera works but the second always gets an error that it cannot run. This happens outside RR also so it appears to be an OS issue.

Any software or setting that will allow multiple cameras to be active at the same time?

In RR I tried it both with Marker and Mosaic. But the same issue occurs trying to look at the web cams in two instances of Windows Explorer.
John Wood from United Kingdom  [67 posts] 11 year
I have used a program called Image Salsa with XP and have used two USB cams with no problem as it allocates an individual id for each cam you can then pull the streams off for use with RR.

Also WebCam7 is another I have used though a bit more processor hungry and not quite as stable.

Not sure if this helps with what you want to achieve but good luck.
Ralph from South Africa  [4 posts] 11 year

I had the same problem, solved it by shifting one of the cams to a usb port with a different universal host controller. Plugging both cams on one uhc causes endless trouble.
Hope it helps.
Steven Gentner from United States  [1446 posts] 11 year
What brand of camera are you using? Its not necessarily the application or the OS's fault. Some camera drivers just do not support more than one of their brand connected to a laptop. They are supposed to support this but many do not ... and provide no way to identify one camera from the other regardless of if the application assigns a different id to each (which RR does).

The use of a different hub is a good one. That helps to differentiate the camera based on source location. Definitely worth trying that.

The other possibility is to use two different brands of cameras or switch entirely to a brand (like Logitech or MS) that have no issues with multiple cameras.


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