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Roborealm and hexapod [65]
have you looked into using the staight_line filter on your lines?  Also  unless I am mistaken, the lines sho...
12 year 71 6048
MSR-H01 Object Avoidance [10]
Hi Valentina! I use gait mode 1 for my robo as its the most fluid looking one!
13 year 14 2652
Question for EDTV [3]
Hi Mel, here is my script to get the AVM module working with the MSR-H01 hexapod. the VBS script se...
13 year 7 1802
MSR-H01 Object Avoidance [12]
I ended up adding an extra pattern to the turn system to promote getting out of corners quickly and also the closest point now i...
13 year 14 2652
Roborealm and hexapod [69]
Very nice indeed. Loved the videos. and it was quite a good read (although I think google translate didnt really get some of it!...
12 year 71 6048
Object recognition performance getting sluggish [5]
I have run the object recognition module with 1000+ images at around 200x200 in side on a 640x480 camera with 30fps...
13 year 4 1749
Fixed Tracking [3]
can you explain a little more what you are wanting?  Im sorry but that made no sense to me :S...
13 year 7 2037
Fixed Tracking [5]
well if your using blobs you need to first create a series of filters that remove the rest of the image so that only the "nose\...
13 year 7 2037
Fixed Tracking [7]
In order to help, you really need to specify in detail what your final result is that you are looking for...
13 year 7 2037
make pc joystick compatible with mindstorms nxt 2.0 [3]
hopefully someone with joystick/roborealm experience will help you out, however if all else fails. you could use GlovePie to con...
13 year 2 2206
Image Distributor problems [4]
Hi Steven, I will try out the new version tonight! if problems persist I will do some more thorough...
13 year 3 1529
MSR-H01 Object Avoidance [13]
Here is an update to my Object Avoidance.  Attached is a zip file containing the latest VBS script. the robo file itse...
13 year 14 2652
MSR-H01 Object Avoidance [15]
Tiles are still causing some major issues, however my pipeline is fairly robust at handling such things at the cost of losing sm...
13 year 14 2652
Roborealm and hexapod [8]
Hi there! http://www.youtube.c...
12 year 71 6048
Roborealm and hexapod [9]
oops I forgot to add : I have the p.Brain u24 with bluetooth module connecting the computer with th...
12 year 71 6048
Roborealm and hexapod [12]
I am really impressed with Roborealm, I can use it as my "engine" for my own personal AI project in VB Script.  
12 year 71 6048
Roborealm and hexapod [14]
I have modified the tutorial VB script and changed it to work with the Associated Video Memory (Navigator) plugin for roborealm....
12 year 71 6048
Roborealm and hexapod [19]
hi Valentina, your particular project is an interesting one indeed. yo...
12 year 71 6048
Roborealm and hexapod [20]
valentina I missed your question about internal and external I believe...
12 year 71 6048
Roborealm and hexapod [21]
Sorry for hijacking your thread! EDV I have a question about AVM.  how do the move speed ...
12 year 71 6048

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