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keep robot on lawn [3]
My suggestion would be to put a high powered LED on the top of the mower that flashes in a specific pattern. you could then sear...
12 year 2 1661
make pc joystick compatible with mindstorms nxt 2.0 [3]
hopefully someone with joystick/roborealm experience will help you out, however if all else fails. you could use GlovePie to con...
12 year 2 2193
finding heighest white pixel on each x pixel column [3]
never mind I got it if VariableExists("STARTUP") = false then   dim heigh...
12 year 2 1526
finding heighest white pixel on each x pixel column [2]
Hi all, I've failed to figure this one out! What I am wanting to do i...
12 year 2 1526
Image Distributor problems [2]
Hi! I am having some problems using the distributor client and server.
12 year 3 1517
IP Cameras [4]
Providing the IP camera outputs the video to a HTTP server in the form of a video.cgi file it will ...
12 year 3 1537
Image Distributor problems [4]
Hi Steven, I will try out the new version tonight! if problems persist I will do some more thorough...
12 year 3 1517
Training through API call [3]
at the top of your robo file add a vbs module with the code of PushButton "Object_Recognition", 0...
12 year 3 1702
Object recognition performance getting sluggish [5]
I have run the object recognition module with 1000+ images at around 200x200 in side on a 640x480 camera with 30fps...
12 year 4 1735
Clear cuurent image [3]
what do you want to clear it to? if you want to go back to the source webcam image use the Marker m...
12 year 5 1517
Clear cuurent image [5]
you cant not have an image unless you turn off the camera. by no image I assume you actually mean black LOL
12 year 5 1517
Fixed Tracking [3]
can you explain a little more what you are wanting?  Im sorry but that made no sense to me :S...
12 year 7 2018
Question for EDTV [3]
Hi Mel, here is my script to get the AVM module working with the MSR-H01 hexapod. the VBS script se...
12 year 7 1784
Fixed Tracking [7]
In order to help, you really need to specify in detail what your final result is that you are looking for...
12 year 7 2018
Fixed Tracking [5]
well if your using blobs you need to first create a series of filters that remove the rest of the image so that only the "nose\...
12 year 7 2018
MSR-H01 Object Avoidance [8]
The First test : The Sock Test! http://www.yo...
12 year 14 2629
MSR-H01 Object Avoidance [15]
Tiles are still causing some major issues, however my pipeline is fairly robust at handling such things at the cost of losing sm...
12 year 14 2629
MSR-H01 Object Avoidance [4]
12 year 14 2629
MSR-H01 Object Avoidance [7]
12 year 14 2629
MSR-H01 Object Avoidance [13]
Here is an update to my Object Avoidance.  Attached is a zip file containing the latest VBS script. the robo file itse...
12 year 14 2629

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