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Shape Matching

The following tutorial describes one way to use a vision system to identify parts as they move along a conveyor belt. The purpose of the vision system is to identify the part and determine its location, orientation and size relative to a training model. The setup uses a DBX 21BF04-Z camera from The Imaging Source mounted vertically looking down at the belt. With the built in zoom the camera placement can be much higher than normal to allow the installation to view a larger or smaller field of view simply by changing the zoom over software.

The camera delivers 640x480 sized images at a maximum rate of 60fps using firewire. This is much faster and bigger than is required by this tutorial. Thus the image is scaled down to 320x240 for videos and images in this tutorial to better accommodate Internet bandwidth constraints. Note that while the DBX 21BF04-Z provides high contrast images and a motorized zoom (which are often needed in industrial settings) you can test the techniques described in this tutorial with a simple webcam.

Let's first have a look at all the parts together as they appear to the camera ...

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