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Personal » RoboRealm™ Personal costs $49.95 for a personal license. A personal license is for use in non-revenue generating projects. This includes purchasing licenses for competitions as prize money is not considered revenue. For projects used in development/quality control/sales/etc. for products you are required to purchase a commercial license. There is currently NO difference in features between the commercial and personal license. The cost difference is due to intended usage of the product.

Commercial » RoboRealm™ Commercial costs $159.95 for a commercial license and can be used in revenue generating projects.

Academic » Students receive a 20% discount at $39.95 for an academic license. In order to qualify for an academic discount you MUST have a .edu email address and a current valid student identification. Please click on the following link and complete the form to qualify for a student discount.

Please contact us for volume pricing and any need for Invoices or Quotations.

Purchasing RoboRealm

  • Provides you with continued use of the application beyond the 30 day trial use.
  • Free upgrades for the next year.
  • Adds in the faceless/silent operation mode.
  • Free support via the forum.
  • Our thanks for helping support the development of RoboRealm!

Authorized Distributors - Click here should you wish to purchase RoboRealm through one of our Authorized Distributors.

Please select which components you wish to purchase:
$ - Personal
$39.95 - Academic (requires approval)
$ - Commercial
Licenses - Volume Discount

You will be emailed a download link immediately after purchase. No shipping fees, no waiting, instant gratification!

Total: $
* Windows 98, 2000, NT, XP, Vista, Win7, Win8 only.
* Select "Don't have a paypal account" in paypal to pay with a credit card.

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