The Unshear module attempts to automatically undo a shear on the image. This happens in cases of words in italics or when images undergo forms of distortions. Removing shear transforms can be a needed precursor to barcode or OCR type applications.



1. Color - Select if color values should be considered during the unwarp process

2. Grayscale - Select if only grayscale values should be considered during the unwarp process

3. Binary - Select if you are working with a threshold (black and white) image.

4. Threshold (Binary Only) - Specify the threshold value used to recreate a black and white image after shear correction is applied.

5. Check scale - Some shear operations also require a scale change (due to depth) during the unshear process. If your resulting image appears to have a triangular nature try selecting this checkbox to see if that helps.

6. Search Size - When attempting to search for alignment the module will use the search size to look for proper alignment on each image line.

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