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The Phidgets RFID module provides an interface to the Phidgets RFID tag reader. Using this device any RFID tag placed about 3 inches from the reader will respond with a unique identification number. This number can then be used to localize the robot, detect the presence of specific objects or be used to indicate tasks to perform.



1. Antenna - Ensure that the antenna checkbox is on or that a variable with a non-zero value is selected in the variable dropdown. If the antenna is off no ids will be recognized but power consumption will be at a minimum. Turning on the antenna will allow the device to pick up nearby RFID tags.

2. Connect to #XXXXX - Ensure that the module is actually connected to the Phidgets device. The devices serial number will be displayed after the #. If N/A is displayed check your connections and/or Phidget drivers.

3. Output - The RFID device has 2 digital outputs on the board that can be controlled via the PC. To switch on/off the digital out select the appropriate checkbox. To control the output automatically select an appropriate variable that contains or will contain the position value that will be sent to the board. This is used to automatically change the digital output values based variables created by VBScript (using the SetVariable function), Plugin, API, Set_Variable module, etc.


PHIDGETS_RFID_TAG -  contains the tag number read from the last
  card waved near the reader.
PHIDGETS_RFID_SERIAL - contains the serial number of the reader
  that the PHIDGETS_RFID_TAG value is associated with.

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Phidgets RFID

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