Image Matching

The Image Matching module is a color based matching module that attempts to match the current image with the closest image in its database (i.e. folder of images) based on color. This module is built to handle hundreds of images quite quickly but is based solely on color/intensity.

The image's histogram is determined and quickly compared to all other images in its database. Some lighting variance is adjusted for prior to this comparison to avoid lighting changes from causing false matches. Because color and intensity is reduced to a one dimensional histogram there is no comparison of features and/or shapes being made. Thus, it is very possible to be presented with an image that appears quite different to one in the database but whose global color and intensity is quite close to the presented match.

If shape and/or other features are needed when matching please see the Object Recognition module which has more advanced comparison techniques. Note that this module matches the entire image as apposed to individual objects within the image.



1. Train - First you will need to train the module on images that need to be matched to. Press Train to begin that process and select the folder where all your images are stored. Once specified press Start to start the training process.

2. After training is complete you will be presented with that image in the database that most closely matches that in the current main RoboRealm interface based on the number of color and intensity pixels that are very close to the matched image.

3. Filter Confidence - Select the confidence amount that is allowed to match. The higher the number the more the image will need to match the one in the database.


The module creates a number of variables that can be then utilized in other ways to create an action based on the matched results.

MATCH_CONFIDENCE - how well the presented matched image matches
  the current image
MATCH_NAME - The full path of the matched image relative to the
  training folder
MATCH_FOLDER_X - The specific folders/categories that the matched
  image is in or belongs to.
MATCH_FILENAME - The filename of the matched image (without path
MATCH_LABEL - The name of the matched image without path or file
  type extension information.


MATCH_IMAGE - the image matched in the database

See Also

Object Recognition
Shape Match

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