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The Display Grid module provides a way to draw a grid based on coordinates. This can be used to create a grid around a collection of objects or to ensure that objects that are arranged in a grid like fashion can be separated from each other (typically using Black as the color).



1. Current Image - Move the red square to the place you want to draw the grid. You can move the entire grid by dragging the smaller red square in the center or by adjusting the individual corner squares. To fine tune the positioning you can change the coordinates of the overall square using the textboxes below in the Coordinates area.

Use CTRL-click to move the entire probe to a different location. Use SHIFT-drag to create the square grid area of a certain size in the clicked position. When zoomed in, drag the image around to view different parts of the image or expand the dialog window to view more of the image.

2. Display - Select the color and thickness of the grid that will be drawn on the actual image to reflect the sample area.

3. Grid - Specify how the grid is broken into rows and columns. Increasing spacing will cause each grid block to have empty space between it and the next block.

4. Coordinates - As apposed to moving the editing squares in the Current Image area you can fine tune the positions by updating the coordinates of each of the editing squares. Note that you can also use the [ variable ] expressions in each of the coordinate boxes to automatically move the sample area to different locations. You can also specify an array to be used as the input to sample locations. This array should contain at least 8 points per area (4x X,Y locations).

5. Use Origin - You can specify that the current coordinates are relative to the Origin Variables created by the Origin Probe Module (or by setting these variables yourself). This allows the specified coordinates to move relative to the detected origin in case what you are sampling is not always in the same absolute image location. When you select this checkbox the current origin values are subtracted from the currently specified coordinates to create a relative position. If you have not yet set the origin, you can come back later and adjust the coordinates as appropriate.

6. Display as Annotation - Select if you want the graphic to be draw after all processing has been completed. If this is NOT selected then the next module in the processing pipeline will see the graphic as if it were part of the image and process it accordingly.

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