Using roborealm with an arduino and some servos
Amador from United States  [1 posts]
8 years

I dont know if this topic belongs to this category but feel free to move where it is appropriate.

I want to know how I could use Roborealm with my arduino and some servos.

I am thinking about moving a servo (connected to arduino duemilanove) when it sees , for example a green ball.

Im a newbie and need help. Currently i have the following:

- Arduino Duemilanove
- some servos
- webcam
- laptop

please help. thanks
Anonymous 8 years
Have you had a chance to look at the following tutorial:


Also, check the +example menu in the Content tab of RoboRealm and double click on the Red Object Tracking example. That will use the Parallax module (which you don't have) but you can replace it with the Arduino module (i.e. delete the Parallax one, add the Sparkfun Arduino module) and configure that module to send the SERVO_VALUE variable to the arduino on the appropriate pin where you've connected the servo.

Note that you will have to download the provided sketch program to the Arduino before this will work. That's all documented on the Arduino page at


Also note that you can try the example module right away with just the camera enabled (press the camera button and if your camera does not start showing use the Options button->Video Tab and select your camera). You should see just red objects and the COG in action.


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