Running 2 RR instances with different camera feeds
Willie from South Africa  [4 posts]
10 years
I am trying to run two RR instances connecting to different USB cameras.  How do I select  a specific camera in the processing pipeline ?  I want to start the two instances on Windows startup (via shortcuts to the *.robo files) and they must automatically connect to the correct camera. The camera selection in the "Options" tab apparently applies to all running instances of RR. Is there a way to save and load a specific RR setup (one for each camera)  upon startup or can  I select  a specific camera in the processing pipeline itself?  I do not want  having to select the camera via the options tab. Is there a way to automate this?
Nick Matheos  [17 posts] 10 years
Have you tried the mosaic module?  It would allow one instance of roborealm to view both cameras.  This simplifies things alot and increases speed.
I cannot send a robo file because I haven't bought a licence yet.

Anonymous 10 years

Start with one camera and then use the Set_Marker module to switch the main camera to the next webcam. Doing this will only require one instance of RR to be running at once (more cost effective in terms of memory and CPU requirements).

Using the marker module you can switch to many different cameras, process the image as needed (or configure the webcam using camera properties module) and then switch to the next camera.




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