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apllication to universities [2]
hey;   i am going to apply to US universities, for A pHD degree IN computer vision, I hav...
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path planning [3]
hey!! rizo here i have got much of it done.. i will put up the >robo soon!!!!...
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path planning [2]
here is the pic path planning
hey, nice work people awesome s/w that to for free, i was going through your path planning tutorial, i just hooke...
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path planning [8]
hey thanks a lot.... just changed the SCRIPT works well now~!!!!!!...
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path planning [6]
both the motor variables are stuck at 110......
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still problem [5]
hey STeven. rizo here, i have been at this problm for quite some time now intially i thought it must have been the hardware but ...
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some sort of PWM
hey, i donot know if this is the right place to ask this but i am stuck at a problem.   i am sending a v...
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No Title
how can i connect to a data base... how to store previously found data on a data base...
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