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arindam  [8 posts]
10 years
  i am going to apply to US universities, for A pHD degree IN computer vision,
I have done a  project where i made my robot recognise shapes , and color and track them down. i used RR. Do think it is agood project ; do Professors in US universities know abt this S/W . i have been using RR for a long time(from the time RR was working on a path follwing module!!) in many other projects also I have used RR . BUt now i am not quite sure if the universities will recognise it or not.. help me out

Anonymous 10 years

That is a difficult questions to answer without knowing the University that you are applying to. There are a couple of Universities that we know that have added RoboRealm to part of their curriculum and many that have used it in presentations/projects. As we do not formally keep track of the usage of RoboRealm we expect it to be in a lot more Universities than we are aware of.

Having said that, it would not be a bad idea to include that as part of your application as it shows that you have initiative into a domain that you are entering. Any projects that include machine vision when applying for a computer vision degree should probably be mentioned. And if even they have not heard of RoboRealm I imagine that they would probably be interested in knowing what you have accomplished regardless.

Good luck on your application! We wish you the best of luck!


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