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Pinch? [5]
Here's pretty close to what I'd like to see: ...
10 year 11 2820
Pinch? [3]
Absolutely, here are the images I am working with currently. I'm processing still images, so movem...
10 year 11 2820
I've been trying to flatten out the text on the prescription bottles, and the closest I have come is using bottle unwrap along ...
10 year 11 2820
Pinch? [10]
Hi Steve, Just wondering if you have made any more progress on this problem. Your sample image look...
10 year 11 2820
Pinch? [7]
This is exactly the sort of result I was looking for, and indeed it was the guesswork of determining the parameters that slowed ...
10 year 11 2820
batch processing
Hi Steve, My cropping program is working great on individual images. Now, if I want to do the same ...
10 year 3 2046
batch processing [3]
I was using the Load Image. I'll check on the other items when I get a chance......
10 year 3 2046
Saving images [3]
Okay, that makes a lot of sense to do it in one robofile. Here is an example of what you suggested. Though for some reason the c...
10 year 4 3078
Saving images
Hi again, I am using a python script to do the following: LoadImage
10 year 4 3078
object recognition
Hi Steven, I'm continuing work on the pill bottle problem. I've successfully unwrapped the bottle...
10 year 4 2638
Resulting image size [4]
Thanks, Steven. This seemed to correct the problem. We are working on unwrapping pharmacy labels (s...
11 year 6 2580
Resulting image size
When I run a transform in the RR UI, the resulting image is the same size as the original. I can't see an obvious way to change...
11 year 6 2580
Resulting image size [6]
Steven, rotating the bottle is one idea we have had. Otherwise, yes; with the images I've been working with, the unwrap paramet...
11 year 6 2580

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