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Roboard module servos not moving [2]
Hey, I checked the forum and googled around and I couldn't find any solution to my problem. The sliders on the DMP_RoBoard modu...
10 years 6 3015
Low FPS on Roboard [2]
Hello, I am having a problem with rather slow frame rate at only 4-7 FPS. I am running Windows XP on a Roboard-110...
10 years 2 2887
Object Tracking is Slow [5]
I hate to bother, but any news yet? Thank you...
11 years 7 4327
Object Tracking is Slow [4]
Sure here it is; On the Arduino i'm using the example code that came with the SparkFun_Arduino Mod...
11 years 7 4327
Object Tracking is Slow [2]
Hello, First of all GREAT job on this software! It's outstanding! My ...
11 years 7 4327
C++ Script [2]
How easy would it be to make an internal C++ script module like the VBScript Program? Or does it already exist? The Visual Basic...
11 years 6 1450
C++ Script [6]
C is good. Just a basic script. That was me ^...
11 years 6 1450
Suggestions for Embedded PC [2]
Hello, I'm going to be using RoboRealm for my hexapod robot. I really want everything to be onboar...
11 years 2 2185

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