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Austin Duff from United States  [8 posts]
9 years

I'm going to be using RoboRealm for my hexapod robot. I really want everything to be onboard the robot which would mean getting a single-board computer or something similar. It's going to be on the Lynxmotion 3DOF Phoenix Hexapod, so space is limited. I read the FAQ's and you suggest asking about possible solutions. So here I am :) I've looked at the BeagleBoard and PC104, but I'm new to single board computers. I want to run Windows XP or XPe to make it easy to use RoboRealm. What recommendations do you have?  

Thanks you very much!
Anonymous 9 years

Have a quick look at


which is a list we are slowly putting together. We would not yet recommend the BeagleBoard as 1) we've not actually tried it and 2) it doesn't appear to run a full fledged Win system (only some mention of CE). But I suspect that this may change over the next few years.

Basically if it comes down to price and size the Roboard may be a winner there but does require an OS installation. We've done that a couple times and while not as smooth as a desktop install it is very possible.

The fit-PC while the most expensive is the easiest to get up and running ...  and in terms of size is between the RoBoard and ITX line.

Let us know what you decide on or if this helps you find other solutions that we can add to this list.


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