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Gear Head Webcam WC755IPT Support in Roborealm [2]
So I have a couple Gear Head 1.3 Megapixel Webam Motions Model #: WC755IPT that have built in pan and tilt servos.  Th...
8 years 2 2848
Communicating from roborealm to arduino [3]
Ok, so the trick with having roborealm communicate to the arduino is by sending a variable [ArduinoCommand] from the vbscript mo...
7 years 3 2324
changing values on a webpage [4]
That works great, exactly what I needed.  Thanks...
8 years 3 980
changing values on a webpage [2]
So I'm trying to get my parallax servo controller card to interface with a webpage. I can get the webpage to chan...
8 years 3 980
Wiimote [4]
So I did a bit of detective work and figured this one out... You can learn how to interface a wiimo...
7 years 3 1110
Wiimote [3]
I was also thinking about using a wiimote with my robot...  what I want mostly is the nunchuk to work as well.
7 years 3 1110
wifi signal variable [4]
I am using a laptop mounted on the robot running the RR webserver.   Thanks, -grindel...
8 years 4 945
wifi signal variable [2]
Please give me a wifi signal variable so that I can have my robot stop when it loses wifi.  Or else is there a way to ...
8 years 4 945
Interfacing PING Ultrasonic with Sparkfun Module [6]
Yeah, I couldn't get the Arduino Module to return ping sensor readings either.  So I had to switch to just using the ...
7 years 5 1526
Interfacing PING Ultrasonic with Sparkfun Module [4]
I just put a sketch on the forum that uses the serial module to control an Arduino Uno 4 servos and 4 Ping Sensors.  I...
7 years 5 1526
Ping Ultrasonic Sensor / Arduino / Serial [6]
Here is an Arduino Uno Sketch I made to interface with Roborealm's Serial Module.  It handles 4 Ping Ultrasonic Senso...
7 years 5 4958
Ping Ultrasonic Sensor / Arduino / Serial [2]
I'm trying to get the Ping Ultrasonic Sensor by Parallax to work with my Arduino Uno and Roborealm but I can't figure out how ...
7 years 5 4958
Resizing Video Stream on the Webpage [5]
Oh that's so great!! Thank you very much...
8 years 6 1201
Resizing Video Stream on the Webpage [2]
Is there a way to change the video stream's width and height on the webpage from the webpage? Say ...
8 years 6 1201
Official Kinect Drivers [7]
k - will do... may not be anytime soon, since I have to finish coding my Roborealm telepresence robot by Oct 8th, but he will be...
7 years 6 2842
Official Kinect Drivers [5]
There is a piece of software that MS has out for Windows 7... having to do with robots... It's free and there is a contest with...
7 years 6 2842
Change cameras [7]
Thank you.  I had the same thing and figured out that instead of using the setvariable module I had to put the vbscrip...
8 years 6 5094
Change cameras [5]
I've been fighting with getting multiple cameras working too.  The marker module works much better than what I had be...
8 years 6 5094
Write AVI and multiple .avi Filenames [4]
Thankyou so much, works great. one note, you need to put .avi at end of my_file
8 years 8 2839
Getting RR video to interface with smartphones [2]
I can't get my Roborealm video streaming webpages to show video on various smart phones.  I can get commands to my ro...
8 years 8 3905

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