Interfacing PING Ultrasonic with Sparkfun Module
Alec from Canada  [2 posts]
7 years
Well I just got some parallax PING ultrasonic sensors and affixed them to my bot. Unfortunately it appears that the Sparkfun Arduino module I've been interfacing with wont run the ultrasonic sensors.

I know nothing about serial communication, does anyone have any ideas how I can get this interfacing, preferably while still using the sparkfun module?

Nigel Worsley from United Kingdom  [1 posts] 7 years
spacehermit from United States  [28 posts] 7 years
I just put a sketch on the forum that uses the serial module to control an Arduino Uno 4 servos and 4 Ping Sensors.  I couldn't get the Arduino module to send back ping readings and move the servo, but my custom sketch does it.  Here's the link to that thread.


The sketch has instructions in it.

I ended up sending the arduino a string of commands then converting that string into a set of integers for switch case statements. You can turn on and off the ping sensors and move the servos with simple vbscript sending the correct values in a string variable.

I've made changes to the sketch since then to do more exactly what I need, but what I put out there is a good start.

My email is in the sketch if you need some more advice.

Hope it helps,
Alec from Canada  [2 posts] 7 years
Thanks alot for your reply Spacehermit, I did read and try out your code earlier, but unfortunately my understanding of serial communication is very limited and I cannot figure out how I can somehow connect this to the sparkfun arduino module which works perfectly for all my other applications on this rover.

Could anyone give me some more incite on how to make this possible. I really think that having the ability to connect ultrasonic sensors to the sparkfun module will help alot of people out. The IR sensors work perfectly, but ultrasonics are much more useful in many situations.

Thanks alot,

spacehermit from United States  [28 posts] 7 years
Yeah, I couldn't get the Arduino Module to return ping sensor readings either.  So I had to switch to just using the serial module and send my servo commands through it.

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