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StrchX StrchY [2]
Hallo! I have a problem with prospective modul. I need to change parameter in additional transforms...
8 years 2 2097
Color threshold [2]
Hi! I noticed that when I am using Color_threshold modul the results are allways "Fore Masked" wh...
9 years 6 2396
Color threshold [6]
Hi My version is 2.28.10 so this is ok! I tried few times to change properties of Col...
9 years 6 2396
Color threshold [4]
Hi I downloaded the 2.28.10 version but the problem is stil here. It always starts with Fore Maske...
9 years 6 2396
Camera resolution problem [2]
Hi I have some problems with camera resolution when starting RoboRealm. I need cam resolution 1600x...
9 years 3 1738
blob identification [8]
STeven, I sent you an image of what I am trying to analyze. In this picture I have 6 blobs, which a...
9 years 7 4173

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