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Pan tilt svs [2]
Hello i have a problem with my SVS surveyor robot, i can't find a way to control pan-tilt.I assemblied the SVS su...
10 years 6 2779
how to capture video with roborealm [2]
Hello!How can i capture(write)video with what the robot see in roborealm?I'm using SRV-1 surveyor.Is there any button like snap...
10 years 3 2055
Pan tilt svs [4]
STeven thanks in advance for the reply!I have bought Roborealm and i have the v2.10.8,in which i can't find the R...
10 years 6 2779
Pan tilt svs [6]
Thanks for the help STeven!I downloaded the latest version,v2.13.2,wrote RCM in search but i didn't find it...In which category...
10 years 6 2779

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