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shape matching [3]
could I write a script to tell the roborealm to send out a signal whenever the parts are not both over 95% in confidence and siz...
12 years 2 1580
shape matching [2]
Hi Im doing a project on shape matching. Picture 1 is my database. Picture 2 and Picture 3 are defects. All three parts will be ...
12 years 2 1580
surveyor SRV [4]
Sure, but the first priority is how to get the images from the Surveyor SRV-1 Blackfin camera? On the Surveyor SRV-1 interface d...
12 years 4 3134
surveyor SRV [2]
Hi Guys, Im doing a new project with surveyor SRV(carmera only). In this project, I will set the ca...
12 years 4 3134
lynxmotion_seq interfacing [2]
Hi, I have a question how to use lynxmotion_seq to control the lynxmotion L6 arms? I have the sequencer software. How does the a...
13 years 2 1521
variable [8]
I tried your fiile, but it seems doesnt work for me. :(...
13 years 8 3914
variable [7]
Thanks STeven, but I am wondering if I can set maybe two or more buttons corrsponding to the value from lynxmotion_seq like the ...
13 years 8 3914
variable [5]
actually in my .robo file, I'm using my_shape as my variable name and Triangle as my value instead of command as variable name ...
13 years 8 3914
variable [4]
It is my .robo file....
13 years 8 3914
variable [3]
Pleasa help :)...
13 years 8 3914
variable [2]
Hi I have another question: I use set_variables to set variable "command" of value "Pose 1" (which is from lynxmotion_seq in...
13 years 8 3914
lynxmotion w/ roborealm [2]
Hi guys, I have a project to integrate roborealm with lynxmotion. In the project, I will have a camera to overlook four differen...
13 years 7 3650

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