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RoboRealm license issues [2]
Hi, I have a licence for RoboRealm and I want to install a copy on a Robot. I read on the forum (h...
12 year 2 2110
Nubotics WC-132 DC motor control [2]
Hi, The Nubotics wheel commander supports both DC and Servo motors. However, the pic of its GUI int...
13 year 2 3347
MSRDS VPL Get Variable program [2]
Hi Steven, Can you please upload a simple VPL program that uses the RoboRealm interface in VPL to d...
12 year 1 1807
Media reader - Pause playback until current frame is processed in RR and API
Hi STeven, I am using the Media Reader for video processing in Roborealm and Python API. The proces...
6 year 2 2506
GPU Support & Choosing a GPU [2]
Any idea by when we will have GPU support? I am buying a laptop that would support this, any recom...
11 year 1 1656
Feature Request - Save vision algorithm as word/pdf reports [2]
Hi Steven, I have been using RoboRealm for a while now and have also recommend it to several people...
11 year 1 1720
Bug in IMAGE_DATETIME variable [2]
Hi, There seems to be a bug in the IMAGE_DATETIME variable. I am using the Display_DateTime module,...
12 year 5 2698
MSRDS 4 beta2 is not working with Roborealm [5]
I am also facing this and I am using MSRDS v4 beta 2 on 32-bit Windows 7 on a Core 2 Solo. ...
12 year 10 2746
MSRDS 4 beta2 is not working with Roborealm [7]
Thank you for the quick response :)...
12 year 10 2746
Bug in IMAGE_DATETIME variable [3]
ok i figured out where the problem is. I am using RoboRealm to read data from a file and plot a diagram using the display line f...
12 year 5 2698
Bug in IMAGE_DATETIME variable [5]
Thanks for the quick reply Steven. I want shape matching to give a positive result only if an object is consistantly present for...
12 year 5 2698
Kinect - Skeleton tracking [3]
Hi, Is there a way to get skeleton tracking done using the microsoft SDK and export it into robore...
12 year 2 2422
MSRDS 4 beta2 is not working with Roborealm [9]
Hi Steven, Can you please recompile your code for interfacing with the new MSRS 4. The current code...
12 year 10 2746
MSRDS 4 beta2 is not working with Roborealm [10]
Hi, Any update on this.... it appears that those using MSRDS 4 are stuck since March 3, 2012 . Plea...
12 year 10 2746

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