RoboRealm license issues
Barney from United States  [14 posts]
12 year

I have a licence for RoboRealm and I want to install a copy on a Robot. I read on the forum (http://www.roborealm.com/forum/index.php?thread_id=3348#2) that as per EULA, I dont need to purchase two copies i.e. one for the PC and another for the embedded device (robot). Please tell me how I can enable/register the copy on my robot.

I also tried uninstalling the copy on my PC and then installing on the robot, but I still get an error. It appears that uninstalling from the original machine does not help and the re-generated registration key does not work on the new PC (i.e the one on robot).

Please advice
Anonymous 12 year

Can you use the contact us form and include your email that you used for the purchase? We can then clear up things on our side. Sometimes the uninstall fails to remove the license correctly due to network issues or other changes.


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