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Keyboard Module [3]
You can really use AVM Navigator (in "Nova gate mode") for this purpose ;-) Use for testing of arrow keys the fo...
12 year 2 1782
Roborealm suddenly crashes on windows7 [7]
Thank you for information! I will take it into consideration in testing. ...
11 year 10 2768
Training Time [5]
The training time of AVM is not a problem in this case. If you not have enough time for training on some object then you should ...
13 year 7 2230
Missile Launcher Tracking [16]
>> Thanks, I'll play around with it. So AVM Navigator is loaded when you load the vbscript right?
12 year 19 3248
AVR Navigator [3]
Dave, Thank you for good idea it is really important moment for big (heavy) robots. And of course I...
13 year 8 3816
Training Time [6]
By the way, new version of AVM Navigator with "Navigation by map" mode is available now and robot automatically defines his lo...
13 year 7 2230
AVM Navigator v0.7.3 is released [18]
It is clear that we need to adjust the AVM Navigator control signals with your hardware. So, the first step that I...
12 year 18 5495
More for EDV [43]
Okay, I will wait news from you ;-) And I wish you good luck with your robot update!...
12 year 43 6568
AVM Navigator with arduino [3]
>> I am currently using arduino romeo 328, what program i need to upload in arduino? Is there any sample program?
12 year 2 3064
Missile Launcher Tracking [18]
You can use emulator program (based on Quake 3 mod) for acquaintance with "Marker mode" and "Navigation by map" modes.
12 year 19 3248
Face Matching [16]
You should provide more information for analyzing regarding your situation that will help to understand it:
12 year 19 9701
Object Recognition and Tracking with AVM Navigator [3]
What if you could try to train AVM on eye of several different humans? I think it would help to solve this problem. You should j...
11 year 10 3218
Roborealm suddenly crashes on windows7 [10]
Can you shoot video that shows how you provoke this error? It would help us in analyzing of this situation....
11 year 10 2768
AVR Navigator [5]
What if you try to use: CenterOfObject_X =  NV_ARR_OBJ_RECT_X[i] + NV_ARR_OBJ_RECT_W[i]/2;
13 year 8 3816
Camera for RR [3]
I already have one and it work well: http://w...
12 year 2 1981
Route Recorder [3]
I hope you speak about AVM Navigator plugin: ...
13 year 5 2574
Missile Launcher Tracking [20]
You just set up visual marks that will be associated with map location coordinates in "Marker mode" (but it not create any pat...
12 year 19 3248
AVR Navigator [7]
Navigator plugin was updated. Now you can redownload the RoboRealm package for getting changes. Now...
13 year 8 3816
Route Recorder [4]
2. Call the dialog window of AVM Navigator (click on it at video processing pipeline) and then switch to “Nova gate mode&#...
13 year 5 2574
AVM Navigator variables [7]
Navigator plugin was updated and new variables was added: -== Module control variable ==-
12 year 22 6263

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