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Kurt Ingleson from United Kingdom  [6 posts]
12 year
Hi guys, so i am trying to get roborealm to control my Kondo KHR3HV robot, a basic layout is i have an onboard wifi camera connected to the robot using the onboard wifi module, using a program called rcbcommander i can basically send command to the bot, however it doesnt have keyboard shortcuts so i am using a virtual joystick to send commands to the program, so how do i include the keyboard module in a vbscript program, for example now because of the virtual joystick if i press the right arow key on the keyboard the bot steps to the right, up arrow make it move forwards etc etc, my idea is this if i say setup a basic ball tracking setup if i move the ball towards the bot i want roborealm to press the down arrow key so that will then pass to rcbcommander and the bot will take a step back, if i move the ball away roborealm will pass an up arrow keypress and he will move towards the ball, i have it working if i use the test function in the keypress module if i enter {up} he takes a step forwards etc etc, its just how i setup a vbscript to tell the keyboard module to send an {UP}, hope that makes sense to you guys. My other idea is to use the AVM navigator module but i am unsure howto convert the motor l and r commands into {up} {down} etc etc

Thanks alot
hope to hear from you soon
EDV  [328 posts] 12 year
You can really use AVM Navigator (in "Nova gate mode") for this purpose ;-)
Use for testing of arrow keys the following variables:

NV_LEFT - left
NV_RIGHT - right

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