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screen recording [3]
If you want to record the entire screen I do not think that is possible. If you want to capture the processing by RR use Write_A...
10 year 3 2959
iRobot Create Module Problem [2]
I am working with the API to control my Create using the module. Here is a snippet from the .robo file:
14 year 3 3406
Reduce amount of Write Image [3]
You can implement this similar to how I control the size of the AVI file in the attached program. ...
11 year 3 2445
Write AVI Crashes [3]
This one is more of a "Isn't that interesting?" report. A zip file is attached with a robo and two AVI files. ...
11 year 3 3087
RR_API [2]
Back to working with RR after getting other parts of my software operating. Will have something to share, real soon now.
14 year 3 2140
Write AVI Crashes [2]
Sent in a crash report on this. The robo file is attached.  This is version 2.48.0. Write...
11 year 3 3087
Network Tables [2]
I am intrigued by the Network Tables module. It may be applicable to my project. I am creating a s...
11 year 2 1679
Roborealm in mobile platform [3]
To work use RoboRealm you need a PC....
10 year 2 1755
Change in behavior of Marker
I use Mosaic to capture the video from my rovers and to display data on their current status. There are two 'windows' with the...
10 year 2 2621
Visual Anchor values jump on Re-Acquire [2]
Visual Anchor re-acquire produces jumps in the anchor numbers. I tried to upload an AVI demonstrating this but it kept hanging s...
11 year 2 2323
Visual Anchor values jump on Re-Acquire [3]
Finally captured some video using VA. See attached WMV and ROBO files. When VA is stable on a targ...
11 year 2 2323
Change in behavior of Marker
I use Mosaic to capture the video from my rovers and to display data on their current status. There are two 'windows' with the...
10 year 2 1784
Wrapper classes for reading variables from RR_API
I'm attaching three files of C++. These put wrappers around variables to be read from RR using the RR_API. These classes only d...
14 year 2 2272
Optical Flow Needles not as expected [2]
I am not seeing in the Optical Flow needles array what I expect. In the array I see in my CScript module the X_END & Y_END value...
11 year 2 2341
Trival Error [2]
The mouse over description for Set Variable is wrong. It says something about stopping the processing so the pipeline can be res...
11 year 2 2419
Windows Fix in RR_API.cpp [2]
I compiled the DevCPP program using VC++ 2005 changing the path to the excutable to be correct for my system (XP Pro SP3) which ...
14 year 2 2184
Load Image Error [2]
I am getting the error "Unrecognized image type! Please select a jpg, png, gif, etc image file." from the Load Image module wh...
10 year 2 2744
Robot Vision w/ RoboRealm [2]
You may recall the Sample Return Robot Challenge from last spring. I have started to analyze the challenge with the idea of cons...
11 year 1 1646
Distributor Client Not Connecting When in Robo File [2]
I am connecting to RR on my robot using a copy of RR on my desktop. The desktop robo file is attached.
11 year 1 1562
Fixing AVI Files
Myself and others have been saving to AVI files the video and data on our robots. Occasionally something happens to interrupt RR...
10 year 1 1679

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