Write AVI Crashes
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Sent in a crash report on this. The robo file is attached.  This is version 2.48.0.

Write AVI crashes RR when you select a "Source" to change from "Current" and then press "Start". RR just disappears.
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This one is more of a "Isn't that interesting?" report. A zip file is attached with a robo and two AVI files.

The robo file has the following: Write AVI, Canvas, Display Variables, and Write AVI. The intent was to capture the input image from the robot, do the pipeline, and capture the processed results. The source image then could be used at the desktop to rework the robots processing.

What happens is that both AVIs are the same. The input AVI is not the camera image but the one modified by the canvas.

If you remove the Canvas the videos are as expected. Removing Canvas also fixes the crash problem in the message above.

I have also seen the output from the first AVI is distorted, i.e. loss of scan sync. It appears to be generating an AVI with the Canvas dimensions but generating the lines from the actual input.

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Thanks for the note, we did see that issue with the Canvas and had updated a fix for it a while back. Sorry for not making a note of it here.

The Write AVI can sometimes get confused due to when it decides to write the image. In RR the pipeline is actually run through twice, once to do the actual processing and the second to add in any graphics. The reason is so that an early module that wants to draw on the image does not affect the processing of subsequent modules. I.e. think of one module drawing a green line ... and then the next one processing for green.

Because of this dual execution, the Write AVI will write images on the second pass which should include graphics up to the point of the AVI module. The problem is when you have modules in the pipeline that change the size of the image. Like scale or canvas. The size changes in the first iteration but does NOT change back when the second pass is started to draw graphics. So if you scale the image late in the pipeline any modules at the start of the pipeline will get confused on the second pass since the image will not be the size they expect.

So if you have a scale or canvas module along with a write AVI module keep that Write AVI after the scale or canvas module to avoid confusion.


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