Windows Fix in RR_API.cpp
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I compiled the DevCPP program using VC++ 2005 changing the path to the excutable to be correct for my system (XP Pro SP3) which is "C:\Program Files\RoboRealm".

The program opens RoboRealm but RR generates an error dialog that "Image Filename ... is missing!". The '...' is the executable path with "C:\Program" missing. The call to CreateProcess needs the command line parameter to have quotes around the excutable file name. Otherwise RR doesn't properly receive the arg[0] parameter.

Around line 1155 the statement should be

    _snprintf(buffer, 256, "\"%s\" -api_port %d", filename, port);

Not sure what this would do on a Linux system.
Anonymous 14 year

That's correct! Gotta watch out for those spaces in filenames. You can also try the abbreviated DOS version  of


but using the extra quotes is much cleaner.

The API examples have been updated.


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