Change in behavior of Marker
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I use Mosaic to capture the video from my rovers and to display data on their current status. There are two 'windows' with the top showing the data and the bottom the video. The data display window is created using a Marker. See the attached file.

In version 2.50.17 the Marker module creates an empty, black image when the "Revert to" field is left blank. This is ideal for displaying the data.

In version 2.56.28 using the same robo file the Marker displays the current image.

I assume I was exploiting a bug and this was not meant as a feature. But if you want to add the behavior back I will not complain.

Otherwise, how can I create an empty black image with minimal cost?
Steven Gentner from United States  [1446 posts] 10 year

This was more an undefined result rather than a bug. I'd use the Resize_Canvas module to create a clear black (or white) image for you to use in this way. It also ensures that you always have the same image size rather than rely on the current image dimension.


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