Temporal Median

Similar to the Average module the Temporal Median module will determine the median pixel based on a number of frames (as apposed to the average module that calculates the mean value). This module is useful over the average module when only a limited number of frames are available to create a background image. For example, if you need to create a background image and can average over 100's of frames then the average module will work, however, if you only have 10 or less frames to create the background and all the frames have non-background objects in them then the Temporal Median module will work better to eliminate non-background based objects.



1. Median over - Select how many frames should contribute to calculating the median. More frames are normally better. Note that there is a maximum limitation to 10 frames using the temporal median module. If you have access to more background images see the Average module (Temporal Mean).

2. Continuous - Select if the background image creation should keep using new images and removing old images. This allows for a background image to be updated over 10 images. If you just wish to sample the first X images as the background keep this unchecked.


Source ImagesTemporal Median (5 frames)

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