Phidgets Analog Output (4)

The Phidgets Analog Output module provides a way to interface to the Analog Output board made by Phidgets. The module provides access to four separate analog output channels. The voltages range from -10.0V to 10.0V.



1. Variable - for each channel specify a variable that contains the value that should be sent to the channel output.

2. Trim - if the voltage is a little off from neutral use the trim to correct for bias values.

3. Values - if a variable is not specified you can type in the value of the voltage to send to the particular channel. You can either type a number directly into the textbox or use the up and down arrow keys to increment/decrement the value.

4. Slider - alternative to typing in a number you can use the slider bar to change the voltage level sent to a channel.

5. Min/Max - to ensure that you do not go under or over a voltage level in order to protect the connected device, change the min and max voltage settings that are allowed to be sent to a particular channel. This is a good way to ensure that despite programming mistakes you do not overpower your device.

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