Normalize Color

The Normalize Color module removes all intensity values from the image while preserving color values.

This module has the effect of removing shadows or lighting changes on same color pixels.

The side effect of this technique is that pixels can become aberrantly colored and may not reflect the actual color value of the image. However, this function can be used in conjunction with thresholding to consistently segment a color image.



1. Technique - Select which technique to use to create the normalized image.

RGB Max - The module processes each pixel by dividing the pixel by its intensity value.

R = R/(R+G+B)

G = G/(R+G+B)

B = B/(R+G+B)

YCbCr - Similar to the RGB Max technique but first converts the pixels from RGB color space to YCbCr color space and uses the Y channel as the intensity level.

RGB Spread - Spreads the RGB color channel to the full possible pixel range of 0-255 for each color channel.

RGB White Scale - Scales each RGB color such that at least one of the channels is the maximum at 255.

Middle Intensity - Sets intensity level of each pixel to 128 while preserving color. See Flatten module.

2. Threshold - In most images not all the pixels have color information with those pixels appearing as gray scale pixels (with intensity level 0 - 255). Using the threshold you can remove the less color saturated pixels from the scene.


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