Color Conversion

The Color Conversion module provides an easy way to convert to or from the RGB color space using variables that contain a particular color in a color space. This is very useful when needing the results of other modules (like the Sample Color) into another color space.



1. RGB red/green/blue - Specify the variables that contain the values in RGB color space. You can either type in variables that don't yet exist or select an existing variable using the dropdown menu.

2. Alternative Space - Select which color space you would like to convert to or from.

3. Alternative C1,C2,C3,C4 - Specify the variables that contain the value to convert INTO RGB space or the variables that will hold the values FROM RGB color space (depends on next setting).

4. Direction - Select if you want to convert from RGB into the Alternative Color Space (as selected by the Space DropDown) or if you want to convert from the selected color space into the RGB space.


 Click Here to download an example of converting from RGB into CIE color space.

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