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STeven from United States 1 year

While this is possible (we have worked on similar size measuring projects, its not easy. The tricky part is that a 2D camera has to have very strict environmental restrictions on when it works. I.e. you will need to have the camera looking down at the plank BUT the camera and the plank have to stay the same distance for the measurement to be correct. If the camera drops or moves in any way this will cause the measurement to be off. The reason for this is that you will first need to calibrate the camera to real world measurements using the Auto_Image_Calibration module.


This will allow you to take a picture after calibration and know approximately the real world distance from one point to another in the image. But if anything causes this calibration to change (like camera vibration, movement,etc.) this will all cause the measurements to fail.

This isn't an easy project so if you need precise measurements (better than 5 cm error) you will have to have a high resolution camera fixed in a very stable environment (limited vibrations, constant stable lighting, etc.). My recommendation would be to find a local vision system integration shop to help you through all these issues. (we don't know any in Argentina).


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