Blob filtering
2 months
I would like to filter blobs so that remained only those that are further at least 30px from those blobs that touch the edges of image. So I want to leave the plane on a background of the sky, but to remove the branches and leaves of trees. Can this be done using the Blob Filter module?
Steven Gentner from United States  [1365 posts] 2 months
Yes, that is possible. The blob filter is one way to do this. You could also just draw a white rectangle around the border of 30 px thick (using Display_Rectangle) and then remove the largest blob.

If you include an example image we can show you how this could be done.

Sergey from Russia  [5 posts] 2 months
I probably incorrectly expressed. I need to remove the blobs that touch the edges and which are in 30px around the first. Now I solve the problem with Dilate and Math modules, but this reduces performance. I thought that if I will combine it into a single operation, will be able to increase FPS.
Steven Gentner from United States  [1365 posts] 2 months
If your camera doesn't move much it might be possible to only calculate the mask once in a while since trees don't typically move much either. This could be done every 30 seconds or so and saved as a Marker which is used to mask the final image. That would save you a couple steps and increase the fps.

Also, check if you can't use a smaller image. Planes are quite big in the image so scaling the image by 2x would still work and be 4x quicker.


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