RoboRealm for TurtleBot
David Chik from Japan  [31 posts]
5 years
This is a tip for those who want to use RoboRealm to control TurtleBot. The power supply for Kinect is secured by a code kinect_breaker_enabler.py in ROS. Of course it is illegal to crack this code, but there are some alternatives:

1. Bring up the Kinect in ROS, then unplug the 2 USB heads from the netbook, and plug them to another laptop with Windows and RoboRealm. Easy.

2. Make your own 12V DC regulator according to this tutorial: http://www.ros.org/wiki/kinect/Tutorials/Adding%20a%20Kinect%20to%20an%20iRobot%20Create

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