50Hz lighting
keith from Germany  [2 posts]
6 years

I have a problem, the room lighting of 50Hz is interfearing with my video and masurments. does any one know if there is a funktion that i can use to solve this problem?

Keith Ong
Anonymous 6 years

Try posting an image here of the interference (or video too) and we might be able to recommend something. But the best way is to switch off the overhead lights and use an LED source instead.

keith from Germany  [2 posts] 6 years
Hi STeven

Thanks for your fast reply, attached are the Images.

Today was a sunny day so the effects of the 50Hz lighting is not so bad. I do have extra LED lighting but the lights on the ceiling of the room are quite strong. Turning off the ceiling light would make the environment too romantic so that is not an option.

I was hoping that there could be a softwear solution to this.

I will take a video of it tomorrow.
But what i can see are horizontale waves of darkend image moving down quite rapidly

Anonymous 6 years

We were able to see the flickering using the images you uploaded. If you use the Temporal_Median module and use a value of 3 or greater that seems to eliminate the flicker.


Also, what modules are you using that are being sensitive to this? Based on what I'd expect you to be doing (extracting maze) the adaptive threshold should not be very sensitive to that flicker and will probably help get what you need.

See attached ...


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