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John Wood from United Kingdom  [67 posts]
12 year
Is it possible to display the data from the Pic.

I can see the PIC data I have got it to send in the Serial Console Window could this be displayed overlaid on the Camera Image....

Anonymous 12 year

If you specify a variable in the receive sequence you can then display this variable value using the Display Variables module.

The receive sequence is a bit tricky since you have to specify known characters around a [variable] specification. Its documented in the serial module page but if you can't get it post a sample receive character sequence and we can help you out.


John Wood from United Kingdom  [67 posts] 12 year
Steven thanks again for your response,

Before I go down that path could you enlighten me if the following is possible.
At present the cam does one boat detect pan at Full zoom of all the moorings and can only see one boat at a time and uses COG_Y after filtering as the sensor variable, if a boat/s is present it's Servo position is saved along with boat counter..e,g 110, 1....118, 2.....etc
These are then used for various and differing PIC  programmed sequences.
and the one that uses this data is to look at each boat directly in turn with no wasted time panning. It repeats the boat position/ count every hour to allow for boats leaving, added and moved due to tides....All work great...

What I would like to do is during one of the sequences the cam does a paused overall view of the river in wide angle.
While in this part of the PIC sequence RR is not normally required, I would like to track any moving/sailing boat until out of view then revert back to the normal sequence.
Can there want of clarity be two sections of Pipe Line where I could jump from static boat detection to moving boat tracking, this selection done by sending a character from the PIC to start each section as required by the PIC.
Or will it require a rewrite of RR or is it even possible.
John Wood from United Kingdom  [67 posts] 12 year
For got to mention that the tracking would be servo tracking trying to keep the sailing boat in mid screen

Anonymous 12 year

Yes, you can include an If_Statement module that will enable/disable sections of modules. So you can end up using two of these around different types of modules to perform more than one task in a pipeline. The If_Statements would test for =1 and !=1 (opposites) in order to execute one section of modules or the other. See attached for an example of this to crop the image depending on a single variable value.


John Wood from United Kingdom  [67 posts] 12 year
Steven thanks for the info, As most of my computation takes place on the Pic which basiacally does the following after being supplied the x/y coords after filtering.
A) Full zoom, pan through 160 deg and count each boat, save position, calculate tide height off the average of the first three boats.
B) Wide angle used to catch and track any boats that may sail into the panned area.
Both the above use the same sized cropped view and filter
No major filtering problems on Full Zoom as there is less background but on Wide angle there is a lot more background along with quite a few moored boats which now have to be ignored, this is worked around by some extent by my Pic software.
It would be great to have RR change crops..
As  write this I may have attacked the problem wrong, I could perhaps have afirst filter to detect the river bank as the datum then use the If statements to pick independent cropping for the Zoom and Wide angle rather than the Pic trying to simulate it.

Does this look better..is it correct for RR code wise as the above works but it could be improved on with individual filtering/cropping at source rather than the Pic doing it.
Filter 1) Detect river bank which would determin Zoom or Wide angle and controls which of the Routines to use..
Filter 2) Zoom's own multilayer Filtering and Zoom Crop size/position.
Filter 3) Wide angle' own multilayer Filtering and it's Crop size/position.

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