Kinect, Python Programing, and More
Paul Miller  [2 posts]
6 years
What I would like to do in the future is possible make, using the Microsoft Kinect, a sound playing device just be depth sensing a Roborealm. I am currently just conquering the big step of being able to set up the ability to detect the body, or possible better, a body part, that as it moves, to hit different key frequencies, not like a slide whistle, but possible implement a keyboard idea and develop farther from there.

Cropping: Is there a better way I can only take the COG from a designated region?

Python: When I would try to use the GetVariable function in Python ""cogX = GetVariable("COG_X")"", I get a ""name 'GetVariable' is not defined
I only have a slight knowledge in Python, not even sure about the other programs.

Exporting Text: Trying many different tactics to get the program to work, I tried just export the COG's coordinates to a .txt file then just using a Python program there, but I could not get the program to work due to my lack of skill
Here is my error filled attempt at that
import fileinput, winsound, sys, string;flup = open('plpp', 'r'); n=flup.readline();p=n.strip();o=p.split();[x,y]=o

if 0<x:
    if x<='100':
    elif x>'100':
        if x<='200':
        elif x>'200':
            if x<='300':
            elif x>'300':
                if x<='400':
If there is any way I could be using the Kinect better, please let me know.
I have also made some comments on each of my steps.


Anonymous 6 years

Cropping: Yes, see the Crop module


Note that you can use something like


in the start and end boxes (literal as typed above) as those fields are processed and interpreted [] signal it as an expression. See


Python: Try

cogX = rr.GetVariable("COG_X")

that's what that

import rr

is for. The rr object is needed to access all the internal RR functions.

Exporting Text: You could also try using the


module to surround a


module and get that to work right in RR ...

Your external python script seems right assuming that newlines got added into the file.


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